An online journal and resource for examples of Black brilliance as performed, embodied, and articulated in and around the Black experience. We feature essays, thought pieces, critical reviews, art, music, film, and other contributions that highlight Black brilliance in its limitless forms.

 What is Trapademia™?

Trapademia™ challenges the norm by advancing innovative ideas that emerge in traditionally marginalized spaces. Trapademia™ considers social, cultural, racial, sexual, economic, and political oppressions as technologies to be interrogated. Conceptually, trap refers to the collaborative survival strategies that people develop when communities are denied full access to resources.

While the knowledge produced and articulated in these sites is overlooked or undervalued in ordinary academic and cultural spaces, Trapademia™ resists binary and otherwise restrictive polemics as it functions independently of accepted conventions.

Trapademia™ engages the alternative and sometimes confrontational. We consider that trapademic projects use subversion, appropriation, mimicry, performance, and even obstinance as methodologies for critical thought and practice in a variety of fields, including visual arts, music, dance, fashion, language, literature, technology, science, and politics. Trapademia™ represents new means of acknowledging and navigating increasingly diverse communities of distinct and global voices.


Our crew is a dream team of noted (read: badass) scholars, artists, writers, critics, activists, and educators. Click below to meet the crew.